Intro to Nutrition training

Here I focus on baby steps to get you on the right track and KEEP YOU THERE! I like to focus on creating food options that you are already accustomed to. (Vegan/ Vegetarian - ya I got you!) I will require 3 days of tracking initially to see where you are, and twice a week tracking through the duration of the program. Weekly check-ins are required to better track your progress, make changes and help assist in any obstacles you face. We work together!

This is also a place where we find limiting factors keeping you on a dieting mindset: eating disorders/ orthorexia. Making balanced food choices and finding a healthy relationship with food. Prefer to not ever diet? Food brings people together and if there's an unhealthy relationship with you and food we will find it. Here we can establish Intuitive eating.

o 1st time clients $150 for 3 months ($80/ month thereafter)
o Month to Month Coaching- $80/ month
    (Customized food list options- intro to meal planning and precursor to macro counting)

Services above include 2 Free InBody Scans to track progress

o One Time Fee: Customized Food List to easily assemble your meals to achieve macro and calorie consistency $45.00                                                  (does not include follow up or check in.)