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 Want to take the GUESS out of figuring out what to eat to meet your Macros? This program will supply you with your meals/ recipes/ and a shopping list. All you do is assemble and your ready to hit the week and them macros!

What you get:

  • Initial Macro/Caloric Goal

  • 2 weeks of meal recipes

  • 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunches, 2 dinners and added snacks

  • Shopping list

  • Detailed instruction on preparation and food prep

This program is designed to keep your food intake consistent day to day which is great for those trying to maintain/ lose or gain weight. The image below will direct you to the questionnaire that you will fill out so I know exactly what you want to eat.

To get started we need to know what you caloric intake is so track your food for 3 -5 days and click the pic below.

Note: This program includes an initial macro breakout but does not include adjustments or check ins.