Chino CrossFit- 6 week  Transformation challenge

Chino CrossFit- 6 week Transformation challenge

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6 Week Transformation Challenge

Learn how to put together balanced meals while learning the basics of what Macro-nutrients are and what foods fall into those categories. All while learning how to properly squat/ dead lift/ clean/ and sculpt your body.

Nutrition and Fitness go hand in hand. This challenge will show you how they effect one another and educate you on the foundation to a healthy lifestyle.

You get:

  • 2 Inbody scans - Before and After to see progress

  • Individualized meal plans

  • Accountability

  • Chance to win $100 cash

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$149/ New members

$69/ existing Chino Crossfit Members OR $49 with a new member referral


4 Week SHRED

4 Week SHRED

Phenom Athletics (map)

4 Week Summer SHRED!

This is an accelerated program aimed to get you lean quick.

Based on a points system you will accumulate as many points as possible in the 4 weeks. There’s 168 total possible points to be accumulated in 4 weeks (a percentage of this will be incorporated into final score). The percentage of the total possible points plus the total amount of Fat in lbs lost will determine your ending results. The better you adhere to the program, the better the results. We will not be taking into account muscle mass. How to earn points?

  • 7+ hours of sleep a night (1 point)

  • Workout (1 point)

  • Drink 80 oz of water per day (1 point)

  • Not overeating (eating the exact meals given with no snacks in between) (1 point)

  • Eating mostly Veggies (1 point

  • Eating real food (1 point)

$199/ person for New Members to Phenom Athletics- This will include 4 weeks of unlimited crossfit/ boot camp and the nutrition challenge

$49/ existing Phenom Members or FREE when you refer someone outside the gym to join.

To sign up please inquire here


  1. Can i have coffee and tea or sparkling water? Yes. as long as there are no artificial sweeteners. Likewise, you can have mineral water as it just contains salts and minerals

  2. Can i have creamer? No creamer but you can use butter ,heavy cream, coconut milk. This will be apart of your fats for that meal.

  3. Where can i get recipe ideas from? Think paleo but be mindful of the portions as paleo tends to be super high in fats. Remember im allowing only one thumb size per meal of fats. You can also see my Pinterest board for recipes. I have Please scroll down to the comments section of each post as i mention the exact measurements per serving for most recipes.

  4. Can i have protein bars or energy drinks? Negative on both. unless you can pick it in the field and eat it right away then its not considered a real food. you will lose a point for eating anything other than a real/ whole food.

  5. can i have bread? again its not a real food. You can certainly make your own with an egg and flax seed meal / almond meal.

  6. are there cheat meals/items? not for this challenge. we are looking to cut quickly and within a short period of time so doing this can sabotage your efforts. If your craving sugar or fatty or fried foods try to incorporate healthy fats and honey/ dark chocolate / maple syrup into your dishes. Fruit is natures candy. If your really craving sugar and fatty foods perhaps your water and sleep are to blame. Stress can cause this too.

  7. why no rice or grains? some of us are allergic and dont even know it. Also it causes inflammation in the body. Try to sub with cauliflower rice.

  8. Can i have snacks? nope. no snacks. why you ask? we want work on building insulin sensitivity and if your eating often or grazing your body will continue to release a steady stream of insulin. Likewise when you eat SUPER large meals. So listen to your hunger cues and cut out your snacking.

  9. what if my meats have fats in it, do i still have to add a fat source on top of that? Yes you will still add extra fats. The only time you will NOT add additional fats is if you choose A) Fatty fish like salmon B) Eat more than 2 whole eggs per meal C) if you choose to eat fattier meat sources that are below 90% Lean.

  10. will new members to the gym get to do crossfit too? Definitely. They get unlimited crossfit classes during the challenge following their initial first week of Fundamentals. See the Fundamentals schedule HERE

  11. Can i take supplements? i will allow supplements, BCAA, beta alanine, creatine, glutamine, only in its purest form. ABSOLUTELY NO PRE-WORKOUTS OR ENERGY DRINKS. Protein powder is ok so long as it contains no oils. Yea check your labels cause you could be choosing some crap ass protein lol